Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't Squeeze the Charmin and Get Off the Shelf!

Yep! At times I'm nuts. I admit it. I was standing in the line to have my sales receipt checked as I left Sam's Club this past week and I noticed that the last rack on display near the exit was filled with pack after pack of toilet tissue. it still amazes me that these huge stores eventually sell everything they have. We sure buy a lot of stuff don't we? Anyway, the thought hit me that in a way we're like all those nicely stacked packs of some of the nicest toilet paper in the world. No matter how long those packages sit on the shelf, eventually, someone will buy each one and each roll will eventually end up fulfilling its purpose and then being flushed into oblivion (or the septic tank, sewer system, port-0-potty). That is how things work. And believe it or not, the thought hit me (the people in front of me in the line had a LOT OF stuff to count), that we're like that. Regardless of what we think or what we're doing, one day death will come and pluck us off the shelf and flush us from this life into the next. Unless Christ returns in our life time, this is the destiny of everyone on this planet. My last thought as I made it to the final checkout point was that I don't want to spend a day just sitting on the shelf waiting for that final flush!

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