Sunday, March 25, 2007

I May Be Gone For A While - Wandering in the Great Box Wilderness!

Core Thought: Being a Pack Rat Can Be A Real Pain! Pray for my SIMPLIFICATION!

It may be a while before I post again...I may be wandering in the great box wilderness which is my home! The church is having a new AC/Heating unit put in the parsonage which means I had to clean out a lot of my attic (where the new unit is going), which would be no problem except that I have developed a weird, paranoid habit of saving boxes "just in case" whatever came in the box needed to be shipped for repairs, or transported in styrofoam safety whenever I move.

Well, here's the picture of my chairman of deacons' truck as we headed for the dump! It was least it didn't make the headlines...can't you see it? SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: PASTOR IS A PACK RAT!

Well I am, and turning 50 has moved me to start the "simplification" process of getting rid of my clutter before it overtakes I estimate I'll be free to blog again in...oh...five or six years! Okay, maybe a little sooner if I consent to a church-wide bonfire! The boxes were only Phase I of a multi phase project.

Pray nothing falls on me during this process!


Anonymous said...

You'll NEED one of those boxes next week......

- Stephen D.

Anonymous said...

Andy, the CP, -- there is hope for me and mine (we're all "packrats" too).

Keep up the good work!