Monday, November 05, 2007

When Is Hating Something Good?

This past weekend at my mom's, I was watching the local news, and was saddened by the usual "clutter" of one sad and/or scary story after another. The lead story was about how a lady's cat had been trapped by a neighbor and sent to be put down without the lady's knowledge...THAT WAS THE LEAD STORY!!! Surely in a metropolitan area of over 250,000 people, there was something happening that was a bit more significant or uplifting than that. For our cat lovers out there, I PROMISE that I would make the same comment if the pet had been a dog.

After that came stories about the danger we face eating frozen pizza with e.coli, children at risk in daycares with no insurance, the continuing drought threatening Atlanta, and coverage of the worst auto accident of the day, always with pictures! It would be easy to say the station is totally at fault, but why do they show an obviously unbalanced collection of sad, tragic, and/or fear filled stories? Why do the 20/20 type shows so often show tales of murder, deception or violence? Could it be that they are giving the public what we want? After all, how many of us slow down when we pass an accident? How many of us pass on tragic news more quickly than good news? Why is it so much easier to whine and complain about things instead of trying to make things better?

My point? PLEASE generate some good, uplifting news this week! When was the last time you gossiped about something good someone has done? When was the last time you tried to make the world a better place for someone? For some inspiration, click on this video of a foreign Honda commercial about HATE! The objects of hate are old, noisy diesel engines, which are creatively removed from the story as it progresses, only to be replaced by a better idea! The animation is great, and the song is to the point, catchy, and hopefully will inspire you to hate in a more productive way.

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