Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Don't Let This Tradition Take Hold Here!

On the BBC News website, the headline reads: Easter Rocker War Hits Greek Isle.

The article opens with this: Every Easter Sunday on the small Greek island of Chios a fireworks war breaks out between two rival parishes. In a bizarre but long-cherished local tradition, two Orthodox churches in the town of Vrodandos fire rockets at each other's churches - while services are held. The objective is to hit the other church's bell, but many rockets go astray, causing locals to rush frantically for cover. And some say they are sick of having to repair their damaged homes.

Read the complete story here:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/3619425.stm

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The news story states that "Amid the melee, priests in both churches attempt to continue with mass, although the deafening sounds of fireworks and cheers as the rockets hit their targets often drown out the proceedings entirely." Imagine that...the noise of thousands of rockets drowns out what the priests are saying! Hmmm....ever heard of a church where there are "fireworks" over some issue; where the noise of disagreeable members drowns out the message that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life?

This doesn't mean we can't have different opinions, but it does mean Christ-followers cannot express their opinions in any manner that contradicts the truth of Galatians 5:13-15: You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: "Love your neighbor as yourself." If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.

As a member of the Body of Christ, you have a right to express your opinion on church matters, but be careful you don't ever use your opinion, preferences, or desires to bite or devour anyone! So the next time you're tempted to light the fuse on your own personal rocket, take a moment to pray about it and think about Galatians 5:13-15!

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