Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thanks for Your Patience

Once again I've been negligent in my blogging. I've been busy as usual (who isn't these days?), but that's not a really great excuse. The last two weeks have, as usual, been filled with significance... there have been the struggles of individual church members that are too private to blog about, and my our "Come Thirsty" series on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings, which have yielded some great sharing times about God's provisions for our living a truly "significant" and "spiritual" and "abundant" life.

In a time of economic upheaval in our nation (and the world), it's been good to be reminded that there really is a well that never runs dry! This week I'll be attending a conference that promises to be a well of encouragement. It's called the "Catalyst Conference," and focuses on equipping and encouraging church leaders. I attended last year and was very "refreshed" by the end of it, and am looking forward to this year's conference. I'm sure I'll have some blogworthy news soon!

Until then....here's a new "demotivator" poster that I thought a bit "too" insightful!

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