Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Christ's Birthday!

The picture was made using a photo I took at last year's Christmas concert by our adult choir (i.e. the angels in the clouds!) Also, here is one of my favorite Christmas songs , Michael W. Smith's "Anthem for Christmas" (the words follow). The first minute and a half is instrumental, so if you're rushed, go to the 1:20 mark in video for the words! Have a great Christmas celebration of our Savior's birth!!

Anthem for Christmas

by Michael W. Smith

In the space of the beginning

Was the living Word of Light

When this Word was clearly spoken

All that came to be was right

All creation had a language

Words to say what must be said

All day long the heavens whispered

Signing words in scarlet red

Some have failed to understand it

So God spoke His final Word

On a silent night in Judah’s

Hills a baby’s cry was heard

“Glory!” sang the angel chorus

“Glory!” echoed back the night

Love has come to walk among us

Christ the Lord is born this night

All creation sing His praises

Earth and heaven praise His name

All who live come join the chorus

Find the words His love proclaim

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