Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Optic Nerve Cavity

Had my eye exam the other day and got a 3D map of one of my central retinas using a Heidelberg Retina Tomograph!! How cool is that? Basically, it scans the "pit" or "cup" made by the one million nerve fibers which make up the neural superhighway we call the optic nerve. Talk about traffic. Those one million nerve fibers are handling nerve impulses from 8 million color photo receptors and 100 million black and white receptors! Amazing! Anyway, click on the video to see my eye pit!

So what's the point? Two (and only two since it's getting late):

First, we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the ultimate engineer who is taken for granted for all He gives us just in the physical world, much less everything else! Here's what I said in my youtube description: This is a 3D map of one of my retinas! This is why I always have a camera in my pocket. The scan is something they do to see if pressure in the eye is causing a deepening of the optic nerve cavity in the back of the eye...a sign of glaucoma and the death of neurons causing eventual blindness. It was just part of my eye exam and will be a baseline to compare future scans with. I'm just amazed we have clear vision with all those blood vessels, floaters, 108 million photoreceptor cells (among a gazillion other support cells), etc...then for the brain to overlay the two images from the gazillion cells almost instantaneously, flip the dual images from the eyes, and THEN to make sense of what is being seen, while directing thoughts, muscles, and/or memory storage at the same would seem we would have headaches all the time! Amazing engineering...God does good work!..Oh, and if you haven't had your eyes checked for glaucoma in over two years...shame on you!!!! Protect these amazing devices called your eyes!!!!

Second:Interior pressure in the eye slowly destroys nerve tissue causing irreparable blindness. It is painless, and the damage occurs before a person "sees" it. Reminded me how the world keeps putting pressure on us to "see" its values and purposes more and more, and "seeing" God's values, truth, commands, etc., less and less. Eventually we are completely blinded to the truth of God in Christ and are stumbling around spiritually blind without even knowing it! So keep your physical AND spiritual eyes in good health!

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