Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't Fall For The World's Deception!

I haven't seen the latest Shrek movie, but I do like this clip as Donkey is tempted the bait in a trap...WAFFLES!

Okay, so what's the deal? Well, here's the "deal"....really...it was a deal...about half off at Amazon, and given my new desire to eat healthy (did I mention I've lost 35lbs this summer?), I had to get this grill...

Wow! Five interchangeable (and therefore easily washable) plates! It was perfect for someone transitioning to a healthier diet. Imagine the joy I had when my treasure arrived from Amazon this past Friday. I open the box and carefully slid out the main unit and then started the "plate extraction" process. Oh, there were five plates in the box BUT FOUR OF THEM WERE FOR MAKING WAFFLES!!!!!! Donkey would have thought it a bonus! I then decided to find something good about this mistake and decided to use it for my children's sermon this past Sunday.

I brought the box, gave them the buildup and then began to take out the plates. At the third waffle plate, there was laughter....and a deacon shouted "You get what you pay for!"... more laughter.

I warned the kids (like Shrek warned Donkey in the clip)...don't fall for the promises of the world. I asked, "have you ever gotten a toy that didn't seem quite as good or exciting as it did in a TV commercial?" Heads started shaking. Yep, they knew already...and then I reminded them that God isn't into false advertising and that He always tells us what is right and what is true and that we need to trust Him above everyone and everything else. So be careful out there! Don't fall for the world's trap, no matter how tasty something might seem! Don't be a donkey and believe every promise the world makes, no matter how "tasty" it may seem! Oh, and the George Foreman people are sending the missing plates... until then....waffles anyone?

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Jeff said...

Great story, waffle boy!

I'll have a stack or two, please. Can you freeze them for our next journey to Daneland?