Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rob and Kristin's Wedding Slideshow

I have a lot to learn about putting together slideshows with my new MacBook, but it's a start. Buck Ridge Plantation was a great place to have a wedding. The weather looked pretty threatening at first, and an outdoor ceremony seemed to be fading as a possibility, but the weather gave this very "in love" couple a deluge (or even a sprinkle)..and then, during the reception, a rainbow!

As a friend of mine said, "It looked like a happy wedding." I was there...and it was! Congratulations Rob and Kristin! Enjoy the rest of your life and thanks for letting me be a part of tying the knot! The original is much clearer. Had to reduce quality to get it to upload in a reasonable time. Click for the video! Links to photo albums follow:

Main album:

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Norm Hayess said...

That was top notch. Could you do one of entirely me?