Monday, July 11, 2011

My Hometown

Decided to get some much-needed exercise on the Fourth of July, so I took a stroll down the main street of North Augusta, SC with my camera. As I'm still finding excuses to use the slideshow feature of my Mac, I decided to do one celebrating my hometown. North Augusta was a great place to grow up in that it feels like a small town, yet all the amenities of a city lie a few hundred yards across the Savannah River in Augusta, GA. So here's my "Main Street Montage!"


Kelly said...

Beautiful, Andy! Loved looking at the pictures and the music made it so nice - what was it? Thanks for've motivated me to take pictures and do a slideshow! Maybe of the cabin...!


Gene said...

Very nice! Especially on a smoky day. The smoke from the South Georgia fires have been invading us lately.

When you showed the upstairs window of where you went to kindergarten I thought your caption would say, "The window my kindergarten teacher jumped from because I drove her crazy."

Also note that the opening scene of the Disney movie "That Darn Cat" was going up Georgia Ave to Lookaway Hall. I'm sure your readers recognized this.