Friday, March 29, 2013

What Makes Good Friday "Good"

Today is the day we remember the price Christ paid that we might know God as Father, both now and for eternity. Circumstantially, Good Friday was horrible for Jesus Christ. Added to his torture and death was the treatment He received from many of the religious leaders of the day, the Romans, the crowds, and from his friends and disciples who deserted Him in fear for their own safety. He's been through that once, so may we never again act like those disciples, choosing safety over worship and obedience. To help remind you of why Good Friday really is "good" (for our salvation), click on this:

 Also, almost seven years ago I had the privilege of officiating at my father's funeral, on Good Friday. It reminded me that it was a great day to have a funeral, for, like Christ, and because of Christ, my father lives today in Heaven. Read the original post here:

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