Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Recommended "Old, Old" Movie

Core Thought: I used the best movie of 1938 (Academy Award), this past Sunday night during evening worship. If you can find it, "You Can't Take It With You" is a great flick with a lot to say about investing your life in others versus living for the almighty dollar!

Basically, this is the story of two wealthy men: Grandpa Vanderhof who is rich in the love he has from family and friends, and Anthony Kirby who is very rich in money, but very poor in love. Kirby needs Vanderhof's house to close the biggest deal of his life, but Grandpa doesn't care about money, but wants to stay in his house with his amazing family members who are...well...happy being who they are.

The main plot thickens as Kirby's son (Jimmy Stewart) falls in love with Grandpa's grand-daughter Alice (Jean Arthur) bringing the two opposite philosophies into open confrontation. It's worth finding and watching!

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