Monday, October 23, 2006

They're All Dead!

Core Thought: Every physical "thing" we think we own has to stay behind when we're gone!

We're in the middle of a stewardship emphasis which puts me in a stewardship frame of mind as I am out and about in the world! On a recent trip to Charleston, I did something I rarely do. I walked around in the historic section of town...mainly as an excuse to use my new camera. It's always a challenge to take pictures of things photographed so frequently by other tourists.

It was a nice change of pace, and a great day to do it. I noticed something. As people were touring homes that have been around for centuries, I thought about how wealthy those original owners were. Behind one of Charleston's signature churches, there was a stark reminder of what happened to every one of those old cemetery. My guess is that not one of those owners escaped that final moment of being divested of all their material wealth.

Think of the most wonderful, memorable, or life-changing moments in your life. How many of those moments were mainly the result of something you bought? Probably not many...those amazing moments usually revolve around significant moments with God and/or others...hmmm....sort of like what Jesus said were the two greatest God, love others. You can't buy that in a store.

Yep, those people in Charleston a couple of hundred years ago, had some mighty fine houses, and now they are tourist attractions! Since you're not going to get to keep all your stuff at the end anyway, why not have more fun with it now and invest in loving others with it. It's the only investment that has returns that you can take with you when it's time to go!

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