Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ah...It's Good To Be Accepted!

Core Thought: It's nice to be accepted...spots and all!

My mom might really give me a hard time about this, but here goes. Yesterday, I went visiting at Methodist Oaks outside of Orangeburg...we have 13 members living there in one of the larger retirement communities in the state....with all stages of independence...from regular homes, to apartments, to assisted living, to full nursing home care. There are so many of my folks there, that it has become impossible to everyone in a day, so I try to see a certain group at a time.

Anyway, if I had only been at Denmark for a little while as a minister, when I got out of the car to start visiting, I would have left and driven back to Denmark visiting no one. You see, I was in a hurry when I left my house, and put on a blue shirt which was only "mostly blue." In my haste, I had not noticed that this was my "only around the house" blue shirt with a mass on my belly area of bleach spots!

Then I thought, "Wait a minute! These people have known me for two decades...and they won't care one bit!" Guess what! I was right! I had four great visits, and the bleach spots didn't cause anyone to call a deacon demanding my resignation! time, I'll be a little more careful getting dressed! Ain't life great! Oh, and I got to use my new Sony PSP (Play Station Portable) to show my seniors pictures from our church Christmas party last Sunday (PS...the pictures are at seemed to appreciate it!

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