Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Birthday Roast is Now Online

Billy Mew, our local Baptist association director, shared a few remarks at my recent 50th surprise birthday party. Billy served two churches in our association for almost 30 years (I think) before his current position. I was on the committee that recommended him for the job. I also call on Billy to preach when I'm away. The church loves having him as a substitute because he usually finishes his message at 11:45 instead of my usual 12:03! I give him a hard time about it...I won't do that again, however....listen and find out!

I have finally joined the YOUTUBE generation and you...yes, YOU can go there now and see (sort of) and hear his moving tribute to me. The video is horrible because I used my little digital camera on low resolution (in case you have dial-up), but I wanted to preserve the audio anyway. So click on the following link to hear what Billy did. The laughter you hear is mine (and my mom sitting next to me!). Enjoy! (Note: the video starts in about 5 seconds after loading, so be patient!) The link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isrHyjMy_NE

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