Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Golden Compass - To See or Not to See

Emails are circulated about how Christians should not see the upcoming movie, The Golden Compass based on a series of books by author Philip Pullman, an atheist who has expressed his apparently bitter disgust for Christianity and who, in the course of his three books, has the protagonist—a young girl named Lyra—join people who are trying to kill God and the Christian faith … and they succeed.

If you have seen the previews, this fantasy "epic" is going to be very, very appealing to children, so the question is, how should Christians respond to this film? One of the best thought-out responses I've read is by Jeffrey Overstreet writing for Christianity Today. Here is his response...hope it helps!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Andy for pointing us to the great article in CT. Jeff was discussing The Golden Compass with J & J (who are big fans of the Tolkien & C.S. Lewis fantasy series) when they were here for Thanksgiving and we've forwarded the article to them. Very helpful.