Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Want to Become Part of a Conspiracy?

If you want a new take on Christmas which is really a very old take, then watch this video.

[AC] Advent Conspiracy from Jon Collins on Vimeo.

The speaker is Rick McKinley of Imago Dei Community Church in Portland, Oregon. For those of you who have read "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller, this is Miller's church, and Rick is his pastor. I have found Rick to be quite an impressive communicator of the gospel. (The church's website: http://www.imagodeicommunity.com/

The idea of the advent conspiracy is intriguing and I can't help but think that Christ would appreciate this approach much more than the prevailing one in our culture. You know, that Christmas is essential to our nation's economy and that this economic reality is the real "reason for the season"...at least in their eyes.

It still amazes me that last year Americans spent over 450 BILLION (that's right...BILLION) dollars on retail purchases during November and December...3 billion of that was on Christmas gifts for pets!

So much of this money was put on credit cards....going into debt just so a child can have a PlayStation 3?? What does that teach that child...that it's OK to enter into the unnecessary bondage of debt just to satisfy your immediate need for gratification?

Surely there is a better way to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. The advent conspiracy is a start. If you want to know more, go to: www.adventconspiracy.org

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