Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank God for Teachers with Passion!

I found this clip from "Ratatouille," a movie that you may grow tired of hearing about, but it may be a final attempt to get people who normally shun animation to see this inspiring tale of a rat who refuses to give into difficulty, selfishness, family pressure, cultural norms, fear, etc., to pursue his passion of cooking. This clip focuses on Colette, a frustrated cook who has been given the duty of instructing Linguine, the inept "garbage boy turned chef" who needs to learn the ropes of cooking. Remy, the movie's real hero, sits atop Linguine under his toque (chef's hat) manipulating him (to cook) by pulling on his hair. Click on the video...

It amazes me how Pixar can animate characters who can communicate so much emotion. Later in the film, these two fall in love, which is a nice twist. In my academic life, I was blessed with great teachers all along the way, none of whom ever threatened me with knives! I keep in touch with two who continue to be friends (in spite of sporadic communication from me), and who continue to exemplify everything great about teaching. So to Corinne and Dan, thank you for everything you've taught (and continue to teach) me through the years! Thank you for having the passion of Colette, without the intimidation!

PS. For more insight into the making of Ratatouille, go to:

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