Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm in Florida!

I'm in Lakeland, Florida! Here is my spokesman, Bruce the shark...

Here is Moffit Cancer Center where my friend, Val, is head of the pastoral care dept. This is their new research facility.

While Valerie was on the phone, I took some macro pictures of some kosher pastries in her office leftover from a rabbinic conference they had had earlier in the day. The things we do when we're trying to amuse ourselves.

We then went to see her new house which she hasn't moved into yet, and I played around with different angles of her 80's chandelier.

Jeff just came home early from work, so we're off to do the tourist thing. More later....

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Anonymous said...

We love Bruce the Shark - glad you are having fun! We haven't left any comments but we do check your blog!

Garrett,Kelly,Jackson,Andrew and Elisabeth