Thursday, December 04, 2008

Clemson's New Coach - Strange Name - Great Story

My alma mater, Clemson University, hired a former assistant coach, Dabo Swinney, this week at the head coach, replacing Tommy Bowden who left mid-season. When he took over, it looked like a long-shot, but he led the Tigers to a 7-5 season and an invite to the Gator Bowl, not to mention a "very" satisfying 31-14 victory over the Gamecocks this past weekend. What I'm "thankful" for is the type of person Coach Swinney is.

A church member sent me this link ( which gives a lot of detail about his journey, and the struggles he overcame as a young person. It also shows how much he has helped his family overcome their own struggles in ways that display enourmous grace, love and forgiveness. He is a man of faith, and his faith appears to be something that he doesn't just talk about, but lives by. I get the feeling that he cares about a lot more than just winning ball games (though all Clemson alums are for that), and that's the kind of coach I who has something to teach people who aren't even on his football team. Check out the link above to see what I mean. You can also click here to see a video of Dabo's accepting of the head coach position this past Monday (Dec. 1st). GO TIGERS!

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