Friday, October 16, 2009

Help Me! It Ain't Fair!

I thought that buying (and eating) these tiny 100 calorie snack cakes would be the answer to my weight problem. Well, maybe not, but hang with me for the sake of this post!

Yesterday, my routine bloodwork showed that all of my blood levels were normal (Yay...blood glucose of 88!), except for my triglycerides (230). So I hit the stationary bike tonight, having moved it into my foyer so I could see my TV.

Well, it's got one of those displays that showed me how many calories I was "burning." Imagine my horror to find out how long it took to burn off two of those little snack cakes! Over 32 minutes!

And how long does it take for me to eat those same 200 calories? Well, I could do it quicker than this, but at a normal rate of consumption, I'd estimate about 16 seconds!

That "Little Debbie," may look innocent enough, but she's a monster! I guess I'm not going to let her and her friends in my house anymore!

The moral....the road to destruction (and obesity) is wide and easy, but that doesn't mean we need to keep going down it! By the way, it takes about 3 hours on this bike to get ride of the calories in one McDonald's milkshake! Ouch!

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