Monday, February 14, 2011

A Great Couple With a Great Story of True LASTING Love!

Mary and Elwood Bunton are long time members (and dear friends of mine!) of my church. Their love story is so cool and wonderful that the Orangeburg (SC) Times and Democrat did a story on them that took up the front page of the features section in this past Sunday's edition. Here is the article:

They are true WWII heroes in my book (and in a lot of other people's books,too!)...and above that, both are devoted Christ followers and pastor encouragers! Their love for each other and for their Savior is obvious to anyone who knows them! They have been consistent, active, loving members of my church family, and I thank God for their continuing ministry at The Oaks, and also for all the encouragement, prayers, support and love they have so generously given (and continue to give) me and so very many others! Way to go Mary and two love birds, you!


Kaleena said...

That is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it!

LearningByReading said...

So many of the young couples have no chance of lasting as long as you! May ask how many years of holy matrimony u have enjoyed?

Love Quotes said...

Hey Andy, I am visiting your blog for the very first time and thought to say hello. I am too impressed with the kind of warmth and understanding both Mary and Elwood share after so many years of their married life. So couldn't help writing a comment. Their marriage story is somewhat unique. I wish them a happy married life for the rest of their lives !