Saturday, June 18, 2011

Praying for Our Fathers and for the Rest of Us!

Happy Father's Day! If you have or had a great father, you have every reason to look forward to tomorrow. Not everyone, however, will see tomorrow as a day to rejoice.
  • Some will not have ever had the experience of a good father, but perhaps an abusive one.
  • Others may have never had a father.
  • Others will be having the first Father's Day without their dad, either through death or the breakup of a marriage.
  • Others will be dads, but maybe they realize they haven't done a great job; some will be right, and some will be wrong.
Let us be sensitive to everyone we see tomorrow. Rejoicing with those who can rejoice, and mourning with those who mourn. We can also help the dads we know by being good influences on their children, too.

I saw this video tonight, and it made me think of just how powerful a person a dad is (for good or evil). It also reminded me of how we should pray for the dads we know (whether our own or not) often, for the power they exert over their children's lives can have eternal implications.

If you are an adult, but not a parent, children you know are watching you, too! Let's help our dads by being positive influences on their kids. This video will help us all realize how important it is that we realize our place in the lives of our children. Our dads, no matter how good they are, would probably appreciate all the help they can get in raising their kids!

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