Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pizza Trivia

Being the health food nut that I am, I like pizza. How else can you get all the major food groups in one bite...and with CHEESE! Anyway, here's the trivia: Do you know how Pizza Hut got its name? The sign for the first "Hut" was given to the Carney brothers, Dan and Frank, who borrowed $600 from their mom while they were still college students. The sign, provided by Pepsi, only had space for three more letters after using "pizza." Dan's wife came up with the idea of "Hut."

And what about Domino's logo? Did you know that the three dots represented the first three stores in the franchise. They were going to add a dot for each new store, but it soon became apparent that they would run out of space too quickly.

As a cautionary pizza-related tale, be careful about making impulse decisions, the consequences can be immense. Case in point: poor, shortsighted James Monaghan, who in 1960, founded Domino's Pizza with his brother, Tom. Eight months later James traded his half of the business to brother Tom for a USED Volkswagen Beetle. In 2006, Tom sold his part of the company for just under one BILLION....that's right...BILLION dollars! I wonder if he gave James a new Volkswagen???? Ouch!

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