Monday, February 11, 2008

Get SKYPE If You Don't Already Have It

I am NOT doing this as an advertisement, but just in hopes of sharing with you all a great way to keep in touch. I recently got a cheap webcam ($20) and it works great with Skype. It's just too cool to be able to talk (and see) friends across the country and in Africa for nothing! If you have broadband internet and a microphone, you can SKYPE. The webcam is not required, though it does make it more fun. Most webcams come with a microphone, too. So try it. Just go to:

Everything you need to know is there. It is absolutely free to make calls to any other SKYPE user. (You can buy skype minutes at .02 in $10.00 chunks charged to your credit card if you want to call regular phones, but no credit card is needed for regular Skype to Skype calls.) I've had friends overseas who have used it for years, so it's trustworthy. They even sell SKYPE enabled phones. Go ahead, extend your boundaries, conquer the internet, and connect with someone today!!

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