Tuesday, May 06, 2008

100+ Years And Counting

This year I was privileged to be one two of my church members on very special birthdays. Mr. Beaty and Miss Adeline are 100 and 103 respectively! Mr. Beaty still has the same positive attitude he's had ever since I've known. His advice to young people...DON'T SMOKE!

Miss Adeline still knows me enough to say, "you need to lose some weight and stop eating so much rice!" Oh, Miss Adeline is on the right, Elizabeth is another church member who went with me to wish Adeline a happy 103rd birthday. And, yes, Adeline is our oldest member!

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Anonymous said...

Next time you see Miss Adeline, tell her my Granny Winchester lived to be 104 and ate lots of rice (of course, she may have lived longer if it hadn't been for the rice! :-))