Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thank Goodness I Didn't Jump into Getting a Dog!

From time to time I contemplate getting a dog. I know of the obvious health and emotional benefits of having a dog, but I also know how much it takes to care for another life in my home. Well, technology has come to my rescue again. Soon after the highly anticipated release of Pixar's new movie,Wall-E, home versions of the robot star will be available for a mere $189. If any of my friends win the lottery or come into a large inheritance, you now have the ideal thing to get me for Christmas. I could, of course, use Wall-E for numerous children's sermons, for toting my Bible around, spicing up nursing home visits,etc. Here's a preview... (For a preview of he movie, go here:

I know, I know...not as cute as a puppy; no real emotional bond; but no mess, no grief, no chewing. Still..I have time to weigh all the options. Oh, speaking of puppies; here is Max, my friend Joel's newest family member. This was taken on a recent visit to see Joel and his family. I even accompanied Joel and his son, Benjamin, and Max to obedience school!

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William said...

When I first saw this pic I thought you had gotten a new dog and then I read what you typed.