Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Movie Tip - We Are Together

I was checking out "Rotten Tomatoes" ( and spotted a rare 100% review of a documentary entitled "We Are Together." This site averages a bunch of movie critics to come up with either a fresh (over 60% positive) or rotten (under 60% positive) movie rating, gleaning the best lines from the best reviews. One of the best lines concerning this movie was made by Ronnie Scheib of "Variety," "We Are Together stands as a celebration of resiliency."

Here is the Rotten Tomatoes synopsis: "We Are Together tells the remarkable and moving story of a group of children who use music to overcome hardship and loss. Filmed over a period of three years, it is the story of an orphanage unlike one you've ever seen, where the young singers of the Agape Choir lift their voices to create the home and family they so very much need."

Here is the website for the film: where there are video clips of the film and lots more information on these remarkable kids. Though it's in limited release, it's definitely on my "to see" list when the DVD comes out!

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