Saturday, July 19, 2008

Your Chance to Encourage Our College World Changers

Our College World Changers Group
Back row: Jim Polasky, Eddie Creech, Eddie Platts, Cathy Self, Daniel Eubanks
Front Row: Jason Chew, Beth Polasky, Bretta Cook, Courtney Smith, Jordan Smith
pictured: Wyman Abstance and Billy Self

I just left the "launching pad" for our final World Changers' trip of the summer. Though our group is a little smaller than our youth team that went to Durham last month, this trip will have a couple of "firsts" for our church.

Billy Self will be the "Construction Coordinator" for the first time for a summer World Changer Project. He will be in charge of making sure all of the different sites have adequate materials, etc. The other "first" is that Cathy Self will be the first female crew chief from our church. She'll oversee a group of college students and adults as they roof a house. If Cathy can run a day care, she can certainly handle supervising a roofing project.

Wyman Abstance, will be participating, like I posted earlier, in his 29th project, and the 3rd this summer. This time around, he will be a supervisor, which means he'll be a liaison between Billy and several of the construction sites. He appreciated all the e-couragrams he got in Walterboro. THANK YOU. Eddie Platts will also be a crew chief (for the second time this summer!) at a construction site. Pray for our whole team, but say some extra prayers for these who are responsible for others working under them.

So if you're in an encouraging mood (or even if you're not), you can send e-couragrams to our college team through next Friday (7/25) by clicking here...

Then click on the "Send an E-Couragram" link for the Charleston, South Carolina project from July 19th - 26th (If it's not listed, just scroll down till you see it!). (If something happens and this link doesn't work, then go to, then to 2008 projects, then to the Charleston, SC project.)

You'll see a screen like this:(click to make it larger), just fill in your name, the name of the team member, and our church (FBC Denmark) and a short note. This group will be working in HOT conditions, meeting new people (on their crews and in the neighborhoods), looking for opportunities to share Christ's love, and they need our prayers AND our encouragement!

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