Friday, July 04, 2008

World Changers 2008 Durham, NC MAIN ALBUM

CLICK ON THE PICTURE to go for My World Changers' Album. If you scroll down, you'll see six slide shows of 30 slides each. These are the SAME pictures as in this photo album. So if you want a quick look, scroll down. Do note, however, that the pictures were posted where the most frequent pictures will appear first, so if you want to take them in order, scroll down to the WC 08 01 album and work your way up. Some of the vertical pictures were chopped off in the slide show (I'm still learning!) so I included this link to all my online pictures.

I apologize to all my fellow photographers in that I haven't had time to sort through ALL the over 2,000 pictures we all took, but I had to have a little vacation time on my vacation! All those pictures you did submit to me will be included on a master DVD with more pictures than you'll ever want to look through! Thank you fellow World Changers for an amazing week!!!!! For now...enjoy the memories....

Photobucket Album

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures, Andy!!!!!