Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Car Feel Better - I Feel Better

My car is three years old this month, and she's doing well. I took her in for an oil change (she behaves so well, I got her a new air cleaner, too!). The technician went over the check list of fluids, etc., and gave her a clean bill of health.

It always feels a little bit better driving off the lot when a serviced car. Well, the thought hit me...why are we so reluctant to do regular maintenance on ourselves. I can't tell you how many times I come across people (and, on occasion to find out one of "those" people is me!) who seem to ignore basic internal maintenance. I still maintain that one reason many of us are tired, rundown, frazzled, etc., is that we ignore God's basic six-on-one-off rhythm of Sabbath keeping. I wonder what profound effects would occur if Christians really did take God seriously enough to take a day off from the world a week (yes, a week!) to rest, turn off the TV, ipod, cell phone, computer, beeper (do people still have those?) to actually hear what God might have to say.

Maybe God needs to put you up on the rack to check your basic "systems." Sunday I did a revival recap for the church and covered some of the basics of the Christian life that so many of us ignore...things like: taking a real Sabbath to counter the garbage of the world; being honest with others when you need someone to be accountable to in your growth and struggles.

Hmmm...taking a Sabbath, and actually confessing to another person....that's probably enough for this post. If we ever did take God seriously enough to actually do the things He says are best, we'd be amazed at how good life could be. So take some time, and ask God to do some internal maintenance! You'll get better mileage out of this thing called life!

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