Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Cool Perspective on the Olympics - Literally

I found an amazing picture of the inside of the Olympic stadium in Beijing. Now the picture here is NOT the amazing part, just a screen shot of the actual picture. Click on the link below, and then wait until the picture loads. It may load twice so wait until the little pinwheel counter stops and you have a color picture. Then you can click on the picture and then click and hold (or use the arrow keys) to move around the stadium, including up and down. You can also zoom in and out using your mouse scroll wheel or the SHIFT (IN) and the CTRL (OUT). Enjoy....The Link:

The photography company is Finnish, and they have another VR picture similar to this one at the top of one of their high (very high....make that insanely high) ski jump. Here is that link:

Then go to: Interactive virtual tour of the Lahti HS130 hill and click on the top most box with two Finnish words on it! Clicking on the boxes show other areas of the jump area. It really is cool.

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