Saturday, August 16, 2008

Give Cavic a Gold Medal for Sportsmanship!

Want to know what 1/100th's of a second looks like? Look at the picture above. That's the margin by which Michael Phelps beat Serbian swimmer (and world record holder for this particular race) Milorad Cavic to win his seventh gold medal in the Beijing Olympics. This tied the record set by Mark Spitz in the 1972 Munich games.

How fast is 1/100th’s of a second? Try blinking your eyelid 100 times in the next second! The Serbian swimming team lodged a protest, but after reviewing the video, and double checking the timing mechanisms, the results were made final.What’s worth blogging,however,is Milorad Cavic’s reaction to losing a gold medal by 1/100th’s of a second. Cavic, who speaks impeccable English and trains in Florida, said he came in simply wanting to earn a bronze medal, so he wasn't bitter about missing out on the gold. "From the heart, I'm really enjoying this," he said. "I'm not about fighting it. I'm not angry at all." Way to go Milorad!

Cavic congratulates Phelps on his 1/100th of a second gold medal victory!

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