Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Rare Story of Love Worth Watching

Friends recently recommended the movie "Lars and the Real Girl," and I watched it tonight and was pretty impressed. It's basically the story of a guy with a delusion that a sex doll he orders over the internet (no, not for sex)...anyway, he believes the doll is real, and the town doctor advises his brother and sister-in-law to go along with the delusion as Lars isn't violent, actually, a very likeable, kind guy who is just "off." The great part is that the community loves this guy so much, that they go along, too, and Bianco (the doll) ends up touching everyone in way they hadn't expected. There are several themes, but two that came to my mind were: how far would you go to truly, unselfishly love someone even when it was difficult, and then, when do you give up what is not real, for something that is. Anyway, here's the trailer....

And here is one of my favorite scenes where the brother and sister-in-law have gathered some of the senior members of their church to warn them about Lars' delusion, and that he might want to bring Bianca to church. To me the theme is clear... we are all fallen, we all fall short of the glory of God, so be kind and compassionate and patient and loving because we need each other...it's how God designed us! So click on this scene and then ask yourself how far would you be willing to go to love someone unconditionally. You never know when YOU'RE the one that needs for someone else to be patient and kind and compassionate and understandind! Oh, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL, and don't forget to thank God for those who have loved (and are loving) you unconditionally!!!!! Oh, here's the scene...and thanks to Jeff and Miriam for the recommendation!

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Kelly and Garrett said...

Garrett and I just saw this movie and loved it! What a great lesson!