Saturday, May 30, 2009

Classy Performer - Jay Leno

I got to be in the audience of the Tonight Show about a decade ago when I was vacationing in LA. I was impressed before the show at how friendly Jay was with the studio audience. He even placed a phone call to an audience member's brother to wish him a happy birthday.

Last night, Jay wrapped up 17 years as the Tonight Show host, and I was impressed with:

a.) His humility.

b.) His gratitude for all those who had a part in his success (crew members, etc.)

c.) His love for his wife, Mavis, of whom he remarked during his farewell: "One of the things I'm proud of, I'm leaving this dance with the same girl I came in with."

d.) And he surprised me with his "parting shot." Concerning the "legacy" he was leaving behind, he commented,"Well, there is a kind of legacy," he said, smiling. "Here's the answer. Take a look." He gestured to the curtain, which rose to reveal a passel of kids, the offspring of writers, assistants and others who worked on the show. "The answer is 68," Leno said with a grin. "We have 68 kids."

I guess what struck me is that, even though he's richer than we can possibly imagine, he still seems to get that the really important "wealth" is in the people we love. Hmmm...seems someone else once said that the MOST important things in our lives aren't things at all, but to love God and to love others. I thank our Father for reminding me of that through Jay Leno!

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Good story.