Sunday, May 31, 2009

Am Really UP on UP! Go See It Now or ASAP!

Saw "Up" with my mom (who even loved it) and my brother today...saw it in 3D, too. Dug the dog still reminds me way to much of my Dave (my golden retriever)...loyal... overweight... loving beyond what one might think possible. The story is a celebration of love, and the wonder of new beginnings when one might be tempted to think life is over. One of my new favorites. It should be required viewing at retirement homes, too!

It is visually brilliant, but the story was its real joy. How this company, and these creative people (hundreds of them!) continue to create these movies (nothing but successes since Toy Story in '95) that entertain, teach, and amaze. There will be many people who will not see it simply because they dismiss it as a "cartoon." What a mistake. Go see it, and then thank God for every person He's given you in your past, is giving you now, and will give you in the future to make your life worth living.

We were created to love Him and each other above every other human activity, and "Up" showcases, even in the lives of animated characters, the power of this great gift called LOVE. Go see it!

Here's the official website of the film:

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