Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don't Forget Their Gift to Us All...

I got home later than I had hope tonight after a quick trip to Charleston to check on a church member (to all my FBC folks, Mantha was MUCH improved today over the first of the week!). So I am getting ready to work on my thoughts for our graduate recognition service, and had the TV on in the background, and it was on the History Channel's presentation (a marathon I think) of "Band of Brothers." The scene was at the end of the war when the company found a "work" camp of Jewish prisoners that had been left there after the soldiers had fled. They told their liberators that the soldiers didn't have the time or ammunition to kill them all.

It was a pretty pitiful scene, but I thought that is wasn't like the real thing. They tried to find the skinniest actors they could, but they couldn't approach what our soldiers really saw in those liberations. And this scene was just a small camp, nothing like the huge concentration camps of Poland...Auschwich alone saw over one million Jews brutally murdered. I was thinking how little we take for granted...what if Hitler had won the war? Where would we be now?

There are thousands of graves in Normandy representing even more Americans (and our allies) who did not come home, but gave their lives so we wouldn't have to live under Hitler (or Japan). They protected our freedom, and returned freedom to those who had been conquered by German and Japan. And that's just one war.

I'm reminding my church tomorrow to observe the "Moment of Remembrance" requested by our government at 3:00 pm on Monday, Memorial Day, to pause and thank God for those who died to keep us free. No matter where you are, please take time Monday to remember these brave, selfless Americans who didn't get to live out their lives in peace and freedom so that we could!

Please take time to watch this video. What a great reminder that our freedom isn't free!

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