Saturday, September 05, 2009

Prayer Request for Joel and Patty Jones

My church family has joined me over the past three weeks in praying for one of my very best friends and his wife, Joel and Patty Jones. Patty was diagnosed three weeks ago with lung cancer and begins chemo next week. Joel and Patty (and their three sons, Matthew, Robert, and Benjamin) are among the finest people I've ever met, and I, like anyone who has friends or family with cancer, wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away.

Joel and Patty have a strong, consistent faith in the Lord, and have served Him faithfully ever since I've known them, and are trusting Him now. This does not, however, make the journey easy. I'm just glad they're not on the journey alone as Our Father walks with us through life, even when we don't understand the mysteries that can scare us so much, and gives us each other to walk with, too.

I have no doubts He is walking with Joel and Patty. Here are some prayer requests Joel has shared with friends this weekend. Please join me as we lift them up in prayer. Joel's note:

Although anxious about what is to come, Patty is ready to begin the treatment phase. Although we hate this disease, and the fear and anxiety that we have experienced over the past 3 weeks, we know that we are blessed to be loved by a Heavenly Father and by His children. We have seen His grace. We are learning. We hate it, but we are learning.
If you will continue to pray for us, we will appreciate it. We ask specifically that you please:
  • Pray that the treatment plan we have is the correct one.
  • Pray that we will be attentive to signs of trouble that need immediate medical attention.
  • Pray that our sons will not falter in their actions or their faith
  • Pray that Patty's Mom and sister will remain strong
  • Pray that Patty and I will find much enjoyment - that food will taste good and jokes will be funny and music will sound beautiful. We've heard that is supposed to happen and we want it.
In Him,

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