Saturday, December 04, 2010

How Good is Your Church Connection?

Several of my friends have already purchased HD TV's and are enjoying the bigger, clearer pictures they are getting. Stay with me, I'll get to the church thing in a minute.

Here is a picture of the various kinds of cables you can use to connect your TV to an antenna, cable or satellite box. Pick the wrong cable, and you'll cheat yourself out of the High -Def picture you were expected. Also, you have to sign up for HD programming from your cable or satellite provider, too!

Anyway, as I was thinking about these various connection options, I thought about a person's church connection. Someone who attends only on Sunday mornings and only sporadically isn't going to get as clear a picture as to what God is up to in the local church as someone who is more involved (involved is NOT the same thing as attending.).

If you never get out of a pew and get involved in deeper discipleship and mission experiences, then your picture of what God is doing in the church is going to be blurry and not as satisfying. As we grow in our faith, I hope we will get a "higher definition" picture of who Jesus really is, and if you are not actively following Jesus (He, through His Spirit, by the way, is always on the move outside the walls of the church working to bring others into His family!), how can you get a clear picture of Him.

Christ died to give us the clearest picture possible on this side of heaven as to Who our Father is. Since he paid such a high price, don't you think we should do our part to be connected to the family He's called us to? Don't settle for a fuzzy picture of God's family, the church. Check your might be time for an upgrade!

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