Friday, November 17, 2006

Be Patient and Pray

Hey everybody, I have a lot to blog about from this week, but am going to be late for a retreat in the upstate this evening if I don't get going! Pray for me as I lead four sessions about LIVING A LIFE THAT MATTERS which college students, primarily from Clemson University (Not that students at Clemson need to learn anything about living right, since we all know what a wonderful, Christian school it is...sorry...couldn't resist!).

Also, pray for everyone who is freaking out trying to get a Playstation 3...heard this morning someone got shot in a line waiting for one...pitiful! Paying $600 for a video game...more than pitiful! Wait five years, and you'll be able to pick up one for $25.00!

I'll be blogging before Thanksgiving!!

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