Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Your Risks Can Change Quickly

Core Thought: Be careful about living as you are invincible. Life has a myriad of ways to prove the contrary!

I really like the insurance company’s commercial where the guy goes hunting for sharks ALONE in a cage. He is surrounded by several of these computer-generated man-easters, and gets bumped, stumbles with spear gun in hand, and accidentally shoots the spear through the bottom of his boat. Oh, wait…here’s the link:


At first he rejoices because it scares the sharks away, but in a moment his jubilation turns to disbelief as he sees from below his boat exploding and sinking. So much for an exciting fishing trip. The dummy went alone, and he had not taken the time to think out possible scenarios. Hmmm….sharks….that would be enough to a.) keep me out of the water, and b.) if I did go in, I wouldn’t be out there by myself!

At any rate, it reminds me of how dangerous it is to go through life thinking you can handle it alone. Also, we have an innate ability to create a good bit of our own suffering and pain.

We don’t get our way and get upset.

  • We assume stuff about others, and instead of going to check it out, we withdraw, or gossip to rally support.
  • We enter into dangerous situations with little regard to possible consequences (affairs, addictions, etc.).

And then there are the sharks we can’t control: disease, tragedies, grief, etc.

We need more than insurance. We need to wake up and realize that we were created to live life in healthy relationship with God and with others. Nothing is more important than this. Yet we forget. That’s one of the many reasons God intended for us to live in community with others; so we could remind each other to stay awake!

God has not hidden the fact that life here is risky, and that things can change in an instant. We warns us about sharks, but promises over and over that no matter what, He is with us.

So don’t go shark fishing alone; and don’t do this life alone either! It may not be today, but one day you might just find your boat sinking, too!

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