Monday, November 20, 2006

My Grace is Sufficient

Core Thought: Even when there is tragedy, grief and heart ache, God brings good.

Sometimes people say in the wake of something bad or tragic, "Well, God has a reason for everything." I don't tend to see things this way. This statements can inply that God "intends" for certain things to happen, but I know that He does not intend that children die at the hands of abusive parents, or drunk drivers, etc.... it is never God's will that someone sins, and in that sin, someone else is harmed.

It is His will only in that He allows freedom in this life, and that freedom causes great pain. What the Bible does say is that no matter what happens to us (whether by natural disaster, the sinful acts of others (or ourselves)), He will bring good out of it. (Romans 8:28)

I have witnessed that so many times. This past week an SCE&G employee, Ken Butler, died while working on restoring power in the wake of a night of storms. My Chairman of Deacons, Eddie Platts, was Ken's co-worker and was with him at the time of the accident. Even on the evening of the day of Ken's passing, Eddie shared with me how real the Lord's presence had been to him throughout what had to be one of the most difficult days of his life.

He, and other members of my church who worked with Ken, shared similar stories of a great man of faith, who seemed to really love his family and life. Though there was (and "is") much sadness, there were also comments of gratitude for having had such a great co-worker.

Eddie spoke for me this past Sunday morning while I was away on a college retreat, and even when I told him that I would get someone else considering all he had on him, he insisted that he speak, and from the reports I'm hearing, God used him in a great way as he spoke. Pray for him as he will speak during Ken's funeral service this Wednesday. Also pray for Ken's wife and three children.

Once again I'm reminded of the powerful wake that is left behind when someone passes! I hope for all who read this blog, that when your time comes to pass from this life to the next, people will be sharing stories about you and you blessed them while you were here.

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