Monday, November 13, 2006

The Velocity Skip

Core Thought: Don't miss an opportunity to be grateful.

I was home over the weekend visiting my mom and brother. We did our typical Saturday thing and went to eat seafood and do a little shopping. (Nope, I didn't find any bargains!) Anyway, I had a few thoughts on vehicular courtesy.

Whenever someone stops in a parking lot, or on the street to let me walk in front of their car, I do two gestures of gratitude:

First, the courtesy wave (There was once a Seinfeld episode about this!), which you can also do when someone lets you into traffic by stopping, or waves you on at a four-way stop. It's just a simple wave of the hand to say thank you.

The other gesture is probably not as well known, and I have dubbed it the "velocity skip." This occurs either simultaneously with the courtesy wave, or shortly thereafter. It is a slight skip or change in your forward velocity to indicate your desire not to hinder the driver any more than necessary. In short, it's just a slight increase in your speed to "get out of the way."

Yes, it does irritate me a bit (just a bit) when I wave a saunterer (yes, it's a word!) across (especially someone who is young and fit), and they continue at their previous pace, a slow saunter (strange word isn't it?). This act of ingratitude is compounded by a lack of the courtesy wave.

So what am I saying? Get mad at saunterers? NO! Just don't forget your wave and your velocity skip! The world will be a better place! in this Coke commercial...don't assume it's a video the whole thing!!!

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Gene said...

Velocity Skip....Hmmmm...sounds like the name of a band or a special technique used by jump-ropers.

I've noticed that many saunderers don't use the velocity skip because they have their bedroom slippers on. Those are the shoppers that drive me crazy. Put on some shoes!!