Saturday, May 26, 2007

In Case You Forgot: God is Brilliant!!!!!

Did you know that the tallest living thing on earth is a coast redwood tree? (By the way, the largest living thing on earth is its cousin the Sequoia tree (some weighing more than 10 blue whales!?)?

The tallest tree found to date is 379 ft. About six to seven stories higher than the Statue of Liberty! I think it's really great that God can cram all the genetic information needed to grow such a magnificent tree in such a tiny little seed. My pianist ordered some seeds for me as a gift, and I am experimenting with laminating them on a special "Hey God is Smarter Than You Think" business card. If God can does such an amazing job with a tree, don't you think He's smart enough to trust?

If you want to know more about these amazing trees, here is the youtube link about when they found the tallest tree: and part 02 (which has more of the guy climbing this thing!):

For more info on Redwoods go here:

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Brenda said...

Just got internet on my new computer, so the first website I wanted to go to was my own church's. Went on your blog and it is so special that this would be the first thing I see-the card that you gave me at the hospital. How special is that. THANKS ANDY FOR EVERYTHING U DO!!