Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Leavin' To Change the World

This will be oh-so-brief in that I have to leave in 7.5 hours with the first of two World Changer teams from my church. The youth team will be working next week in Durham, NC. (The college team leave in July for Charleston, SC) Pray for temperatures under 88, safety, and effectiveness in sharing Christ. I doubt I'll have internet access (I can't wait to sort through the piles of junk email that will be waiting on me.
If you want to send me (or anyone in our group) an "E-Couragram" you can go to:
and find the Durham, NC project under the June 21st - 28th section. You will also (hopefully) be able to check out pictures of our project! Wowee!

Well, I better finish packing! AH

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