Monday, June 30, 2008

World Changers Update and Videos

A big THANK YOU to EVERYONE who checked my blog and sent encouragrams this past week to Durham, NC. (By the way, our group is in the left most "edge" of this group shot. Hint: Steve Cornforth is one of the few rebels who refused to wear the WC t-shirt, and I'm right behind him! Click on picture to make it bigger!) As a result of my "cell phone blog," our church was responsible for 90% of the electronic encouragrams! We had a great time sharing stories yesterday during the church service, and seeing pictures and videos last night at worship.

I'll be posting my own pictures soon, but for now, go to:
to see the pictures taken during the week by the staff.

Also, here are some video clips I've posted on YouTube...

This was on Wednesday night (our one night off) at a Japanese restaurant. Aren't I blessed to have such "helpful" and "loving" church members?

At our work site, on Thursday and Friday, another crew came to help us. Their church brought their lunch first and I could not pass up an opportunity to teach a needed moral lesson in sharing...

Years ago our church bought a shingle lifter for our construction trailer. I never knew a piece of construction equipment could be so appreciated. We spread the joy in Durham by letting other teams use it. You don't know what kind of joy I'm talking about if you've never lifted a 70lb. pack of shingles up a ladder....and YES, I have done that myself before so DON'T comment and ask me if I have!

And finally, the reason we bless our homeowners, Richard and Hattie...

It was a week I will not soon forget! You'll be hearing more about that in the days ahead. For now, let me, on behalf of our FBC Denmark group, thank you all for your prayers and your encouragement! And please keep both of those up as we all need to be World Changers year round!

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Constitution Revolution said...

Most amazing pastor EVA! I had a blast hanging with you and your group. You always had a smile and a funny (or not so funny) word to say. Great group, great blogg, may God bless you all.
P.S. Getting ready to start another project....hope your brother or cousin is there and just as funny :D