Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Great Memories From Long, Long Ago

Recently I have been in touch with some of my friends from long, long ago in a land far, far away. Long, long ago was in the mid-80's and the far, far away was Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the University of Alabama! From '84 to '85 I was privileged to be the Campus Minister Intern at the Baptist Student Union.

Yes, it's hard to believe that a.) this is me, and b.) I'd have the courage to wear this jacket! Anyway, I will never forget that wonderful year of journeying with an amazing array of young people whose faith and enthusiasm and joy made a lasting impact. This group picture is just the leadership council!

One of these former students issued a "photo challenge" to post pictures from our BSU days, so I did, or, more correctly, am doing just that.

If any BAMA BSU alums see this (or if you are just curious as to this period in my ministry), the pictures are at:

Now that I've learned to post to Facebook, I'll be adding albums in the future for my Denmark and North Augusta folks! Anyway, back to BAMA. It has been great reconnecting with some of these students and I look forward to the weeks and months ahead of doing just that! Note: If you, whoever you are, have forgotten how blessed you are by the Lord, just go pull out some old photos.

I leave with a quote from Helen Keller: "With the death of every friend I love... a part of me has been buried... but their contribution to my being of happiness, strength and understanding remains to sustain me in an altered world."

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