Monday, March 30, 2009

A Very Special Anniversary Present

Jenna, one of my young people, wrote this wonderful song for me for my 16th anniversary as pastor at First Baptist. We'll let you know when a CD is available!

Here are the lyrics: Click on video to hear it! Thanks again Jenna!

Super Cool Preacher Guy:

A camera flash or a Mickey Mouse tie
Or a bright red Honda speeding by
You know that's Andy, the super cool preacher guy!

He gets children's sermons from walks through the dollar store
His junk room is filled, from the ceiling to the floor
You know that is Andy, the super cool preacher guy!

He plays with Legos and Star Wars spaceships
And hands out all kinds of technology tips
You know that is Andy,the super cool preacher guy!

There's never been a question as to who I would want
To have as my preacher...No there has not
You know it'd be Andy, the SUPER COOL preacher guy!



Gene said...

She lost me when she said, "Andy, super-cool preacher guy."

Traci said...

How Awesome to have a song written for you! Congrats!