Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We are capable of being horrible judges...why? Because, unlike God who judges with PERFECT TRUTH and PERFECT LOVE...we often (in my opinion of course) judge with inadequate truth (what an understatement) or no truth at all, as in the case of this video, where someone is judged solely on appearance and mannerisms. And PERFECT LOVE...heck no...we judge often based on convenience (is this person getting in the way of what I want or believe?), selfishness, self-righteousness, etc. (Romans 2:1-4 makes this all excruciatingly clear! And check out 1 Cor. 4:1-5, too.)

Did you know that when you judge others as I've described, you are in grave danger of holding God's "riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience" (v. 4) in contempt. Ouch! God's kindness is slow to judge to allow time for a person to wake up and repent. Are we "kind" when we judge others?

Are we praying and hoping for that person's redemption, or are we focused only on our needs, feelings, motives, etc.? Finally, when we judge someone, we can miss seeing deeper into that person's, and may miss a treasure. Don't believe me? Ask the judges of this year's Britain's Got Talent.

They (and the audience) pre-judged Susan Boyles something fierce, but she blessed them anyway, and learned something the in process! And, yes, she reminds me of Paul Potts who wowed people with his opera on the same show several years ago.

Just click on Susan's picture to view this unexpectedly amazing performance!

Oh, and even after wowing the crowd on the 11th, Susan was back at her church celebrating the resurrection of her Lord...way to go Susan. Here is that article:


Finally, here is a great quote from a British newspaper blogsite:

Even before she appeared before the judges she was written off by Ant and Dec - I thought someone was going to have to revive the Geordie duo when she said she was a singer. But everything about Susan, from her amazing performance to the fact she didn't even seem to realise she had made it through to the next stage afterwards, was captivating. And now we learn she's never had a boyfriend, or even a kiss on the cheek. Could it be more of a fairytale? If she weren't so down to earth, I'd say she's probably sized up her dress for the Royal Variety Performance already. But who would blame her, or any of the other contestants we were all too quick to judge, for getting a bit excited? While the likes of The X Factor and Pop Idol are searching for a star, a brand even, Britain's Got Talent is something different. This is a talent show where anyone can win, regardless of what their cover might look like.

For more acts on Britain's Got Talent go here:

PS...The Brit's can be a bit raucous at times, so this link in no way endorses every act, but the ones like Susan Doyle make it worth the risk of being offended!

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Jennifer said...

Thank you sweet cousin for sharing this. I am going to post a link from my blog to yours so I can share with people that read mine. I have never seen Simon or Pierce be that nice to someone, she was WONDERFUL!!!!! I hope to hear more of her....love ya