Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be Careful About Judging!

I had a flat tire on Christmas Eve, and bought a new set of tires at a certain "discount" club the day after Christmas in Augusta, GA. I would have rather been on a post-Christmas bargain hunt, but you've got to do, what you've got to do. A few days later I noticed the driver's side tires were both very low.

I took the car back to the "club." They said they couldn't find anything. I was in a hurry, and not very good at being the irate customer...and it was a little too early to demand anything, so I thought, "Hey, maybe it was random "lite" vandalism."

A little over a week later, the tires were very low again, in Columbia this time, so I headed for the "sister" discount club there. I told them about my two visits to Augusta, and gave them permission to upgrade to the next tire if necessary. Well, they found that the Augusta store had not put in new valve stems, nor checked them on the second trip. This was impressive in that they could have played dumb and given me new tires, but they didn't. I felt satisfied.

Well, a week or two later, the back tire started to lose pressure again, so I was ready for a new set of tires...I headed back to Columbia....and when I picked up the car, was told that this time, it was my fault....a nail I had run over! Glad I didn't decide to play the "irate" card!

Romans 2:2 states, "Now we know that God's judgment against those who do such things is based on truth." God has the credentials to judge people because He knows perfect truth about the person and the situation. We, however, are not like that. We judge people, but never with perfect truth. Often we judge based, not on truth, but on our feelings; our perspectives, which are flawed. Better to leave judgment to the only One capable of doing it right! Be careful about those planks in your own eye!

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